You would like to know more about the OuiShare Awards?
Here are the details of the overall process.

Who can apply?

The application is open to initiatives which meet the following requirements:

  • have a proof of concept
    The project is more than an idea, has already been implemented and has an active community around it.
  • received less than 1 M€ funding
    Even if the initiative is having success, it faces new challenges and lacks resources. There are several areas in which the OuiShare community and its partner mentors could be of great help (mentoring, network, skills…).
The OuiShare Awards are open for all types of projects, including startups, nonprofits, public initiatives… It  aim to show case the diversity of projects within the Collaborative Economy.

4+2 Awards this year

This year we have 4 main awards, plus 2 additional special awards in line with current OuiShare projects. In the application form, you are invited to select only one of these categories.

  1. Collaborative Consumption Award (Sharing economy)
  2. Collaborative Production Award (Open Source, Makers & Distributed Production, Knowledge Production)
  3. Collaborative Finance Award (Peer-to-Peer Finance)
  4. Collaborative Governance Award (Open and Horizontal Governance)
  5. The POC21 Award will be dedicated to Open source solutions for sustainability.
  6. The Sharitories Award will be given to an initiative with ​high ​local impact​, that supports the emergence of the collaborative economy on a regional level.

// Learn more about POC21 and Sharitories.

ouishare awards 2015_categories

Selection criteria

Initiatives will be assessed regarding the change they bring and embody, plus how well they put into actions OuiShare values.

Level #1 | Applicants should pick one or two criteria and give brief illustrations of their actions.

Community power 

Your initiative creates local or global communities based on real-life interactions and regular feedback.


Your initiative creates knowledge, code, design, content, physical resources and provides open access to it.


Making it easy to duplicate your model is inherent to the solution brought by your initiative.


Business model

Your initiative experiments with open, collaborative and sustainable business models.

Level #2 | Applicants are invited to shortly detail the type of impact their initiative have.

Applicants will be given the chance to propose “other” impacts, it they don’t fit into these 4 propositions.

Shaping collaborative cities

Your initiative helps bringing more collaboration in a given territory.

Exemplary governance

Your initiative innovates within its organization, in line with sharing economy best practices (Shared Value, Regulation, Worker Protection, User Data…).

Social / environnemental impact

Your initiative solves a social and / or environnemental challenge in a new manner.

Digital disruption and technical innovation

Your initiative is based on a technical innovation which contributes to change your sector.


  • Pre-selection process
    After March 31st, all applications will be evaluated by a jury of experts from the OuiShare community, leading to the selection of the nominees. Jury members will be soon featured on the website.
  • Open online voting
    Everyone will be invited to vote for their favorite initiative online, until the last day of OuiShare Fest.
  • Pitch sessions and offline voting
    All nominees will be invited to pitch their projects during OuiShare Fest, followed by offline votes from attendees. Both – online and offline votes – will be taken into account to select the final winners.
  • Award Ceremony
    The Award ceremony will take place at the main venue of OuiShare Fest, the Cabaret Sauvage, on May 22nd!