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The First edition of the OuiShare Awards

Event Details


March 26th - May 3rd 2013


Awards ceremony May 3rd 2013


Cabaret Sauvage, Paris during the OuiShare Fest 2013

OuiShare and its Fest 2013

OuiShare is a global community and think and do-tank. Our mission is to build and nurture a collaborative society by connecting people, organizations and ideas around fairness, openness and trust. We believe that economic, political and social systems based on these values can solve many of the complex challenges the world faces, and enable everyone to access to the resources and opportunities they need to thrive.

OuiShare Fest 2013 : The OuiShare Awards ceremony takes place during the OuiShare Fest 2013, a three-day festival that will bring together a global community of entrepreneurs, designers, makers, economists, investors, politicians and citizens to build a collaborative future.

Join us in Paris from May 2-4 2013.

OuiShare Awards are born !

Launched for the first time this year together with the OuiShare Fest, the OuiShare Awards aim to honor startups and projects from the collaborative economy.

This series of prizes helps creating awareness of the values of the OuiShare community (Openness, Transparency, Action, Impact…) and its partners by selecting projects that put these into practice in an exemplary way.

The award winners will be featured during the professional days of OuiShare Fest 2013  in Paris and will be awarded special prizes from the OuiShare Fest Awards partners at the closing party on Friday, May 3.

All nominees that make it past the pre-selection process will also receive a free ticket to OuiShare Fest.

Winners 2013

Here are the 5 winning projects for this first edition ! They have been selected among 99 applicants though community vote and our OuiShare Awards Partners :

Replicability award


Disco Soupe est une communauté qui oeuvre à sensibiliser aux enjeux et aux moyens d’agir de façon simple et participative contre le gaspillage alimentaire en créant la convivialité par la musique et la cuisine. Les Disco Soupes investissent l’espace public pour des séances d’épluchage de fruits et légumes rebuts ou invendus qui sont redistribués gratuitement ou à prix libre sous forme de salades, soupes ou jus de fruits.

Makers Award


La Paillasse is the Paris community lab for open-source biotech, a biohackerspace that fosters the use of biology as a technology for amateurs and citizens. La Paillasse, as the largest modern biology openlab in Europe, enables the creation of innovative and creative projects using biomaterials and biodata that would never be born inside institutional walls where all line of directions are to be justified. The unique community of La Paillasse, where scientists and non scientists, artists and designers, citizens meet and work together, is showing how open-source and free sharing can transform the way we consider biotechnologies for our everyday life.

Local Impact Award


Launched in September 2011, La Ruche qui dit Oui ! (LRQDO) is an e-commerce platform where users club together to buy food directly from their local farmers and foodmakers. It combines an internet speciality – cutting out the middleman in the supply chain connecting consumers with producers – with grass-roots social networking. It works like this: members register to a Ruche close to their home. They buy their food online and meet with the farmers to collect their orders in their Ruche’s pickup location.

Innovation Award


Parlement & Citoyens is a transparency and collaboration tool that allows representatives to involve citizens in drafting their bills. The platform propose a new way for citizens to involve in legislative process by co-designing laws.

Peer-to-peer Award


The P2P Food Lab project develops a open platform for peer-to-peer urban food systems that supports urban gardening, collective decision making, citizen science, and knowledge creation for all aspects of urban food.A P2P Food Lab integrates DIY open greenhouses, sensors and telecommunication networks, Web and phone apps, and analysis tools, among other.The platform uses social media to aggregate knowledge, to support local economic exchanges, and to allow the cooperative activities to self-organize.